Master in DisAster MAnaGEment and environmental impact, DAMAGE
Master DAMAGE is an academic Master of Science (MSc) in Disaster Management and Environmental Impact which provides an in-depth and holistic understanding of disaster topics. This two-year course focuses on training students capable of predicting a disaster, evaluating its impact and consequences as well as reflecting on the responses to implement in order to help the affected country recover. Multinational companies, NGO, governments or international agencies seek such qualified professionals with skills in engineering science and the ability to deal with emergency situations. DAMAGE lecturers are key stakeholders : industrialists, top academics, international NGOs, prominent civil servants, major private partners and foreign government officials. IMT Mines Alès hires the best teachers and professionals in their field from all over the world, including professors from about twenty prestigious Anglo-Saxon and European universities worldwide, such as Yale. All in English !
Description cost of training
  • 18000 € (9000 € / year) Standard fees for 24 months for non UE students
  • 13700 € (6850 € / year) Standard fees for 24 months for UE students (member states of the European Union + Iceland+Lichtenstein+North Macedonia+Norwey+Turkey)
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    12 Dec
    6 Jun
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    24 months
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    Bac+3 - Bachelor

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